Reservation & Booking Management

Sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you!

Be pro-active, get more Bookings

Ensure you get the most out of your property with our reservation and booking management.

 Are you making the most out of your rental property? 

Are you aware of your immediate competitors?

Are you clear on what rates to charge?

Can you deal with guests in different languages? 

Are you able to respond to enquiries quickly? 

Are your booking terms & conditions clearly defined?

Are you using third party booking platforms to gain maximum rental potential? 

We can advise and assist you, depending on your property type and location, on the options you should consider helping to increase your rental potential.  We can even manage these for you. 

Today there are many portals for advertising your holiday property. However, one important factor with any advertising portal, or indeed your own website, is the quality of content. Are your photographs showing your property to its best advantage? Do you have an inviting and descriptive text portraying your property clearly and beneficially?

  • Do you have the time and resources to effectively and promptly respond and engage with your enquirers?
  • Can you respond to international enquiries such as French, Spanish and Portuguese?
  • Once you have received a reservation, can you engage with your guest and give them all the information they will need prior to their arrival? 
  • Can you effectively answer their potential queries and questions, particularly in other languages?

We can do all this for you and manage all aspects of your reservations leaving you time to sit back and relax. 

Prices for our Services

Pricing for Reservation & Booking Management is based on a % of the value of the reservation.

The % value is usually between 7% up to 15%, depending on the property type.

One important thing to note is that although we will deal with all aspects of your reservations, we will NOT take or hold any of the payments. You will be required to give your bank account or PayPal details in order to receive the payments direct for your reservations.  We will send the guest your payment details but deal with all the correspondence, payment reminders etc up until the guest is due to arrive to your property.

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